Zoids (I fell in love with a Zoid)

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Arranged by:
Katz Remixer
Composed by:
Rob Hubbard
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With this remix I wanted to take the original track, pick out what I felt were lovely elements, then musically take them to the most emotional realms I could think of. The original is in there but I have played with the melodies as far as I dare! I don't feel regurgitating the same tune over and over is particularly exciting I like to see where a tune can go. I do hope you enjoy & if you close your eyes take a visual journey in your mind... enjoy.

Kathryn LJ.

Impressive, emotional, orchestral rendition which takes a lot of liberties with the original composition.
Nicely done!:)
Very evocative, very touching, but good luck finding Zoids in it! Occasional background noise is audible in the remix, so minus points for that, but other than that, it's superb.
Beautiful! Superb atmosphere. Thanx!
I think the overall motif of the zoids sid is felt rather than heard in this remix, but my god what FEEL! This track just oozes emotion placement of instruments evokes memories of the lonley man fantastic
Outstanding tune, very good arranged, lovely
Good stuff! Shout out, yo!
Nice, but this is no Zoids - disappointment.
Hey Katz, great work!
I like the orchestral take
I'm a big fan of 64-remakes in orchestral style. And I think this one is done very very well! Good samples, a great feeling and dynamic. To be recommended
Very nice track!:)
Wow. Pretty well done, a master knows how to use her instruments
I'll second bratac's announcement. I really love Zoids. But it is missing here.
Very impressive though I miss some "Zoids" in the Music.
Sounds nice, but I ain't feelin the zoids.
Quite nice but where's Zoids? Well, apart from few notes that touch it very gently.
Nice for falling asleep!
It is not zoid.. It is not even a movie song.. It is something what will be played when I die (I store this music for that occasion by the way if I may)
Nearly no Zoids, but superb! My ruined Version of "Zoids Orchestral2008" should have been in a similar way to your version!
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Good stuff. Wish I could do something like this