Day Noter

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Arranged by:
Composed by:
Lukasz Baran (Glover)
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Nice mellow sid to chill out to but nothing special imo
Very enjoyable indeed. Put simply... It just works
Never heard the original but this has a nice feel to it
Fantastic remix. But the trebles are overemphasised again, and that somewhat lessens the listening fun. Still, it's an outstanding remix!
Full kudos to Trace for taking on a VARIOUS tune and making it his own with a beautifully melodic relaxing piece. Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.
Hmm, I like it, much better as the 'calling' from trace.... Great work
Nice and relaxing, well done Trace.
Makes me 'Zzz'
A quiet & slow ambiente tune. Very nice.
Really like this one, has kind of a spacey feel to it. The only thing I didn't like was that 909(??, dunno) drum that slides down in the intro, mixes in better when the beat kicks in. Overall good job.
Would enjoy it more if it were a good bit shorter.
Now that's what I call mellow. Agree with LMan about the trebles. Added to my collection.

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