PowerTrace-ACE2 (feat. Kate Lesing)

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Rob Hubbard
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Got some Kate Lesing vocals, was listening to them and started to listen to some sid tunes at the same time and felt that these vocals in this remix worked

really well with the ACE2 tune, so I did this litte piece

This is my first "vocalized" remix, I will try to do some more, browsing thru the vocals and sids to hear what fits


Greetings to Kate Lesing for the lovely voice

I think PowerTrace is the remixer to look out for in 2008! Everything he touches lately turns to GOLD - top remix sir!
Very good mix and the vocals work pretty good here...
Yes Yes Yes!
What Skitz said ^
The vocal parts work really nice. Alas I think the synth is a bit too soft, parts of the remix sound too much like an Amiga Chiptune to me. Anyway I think the remix is really good.
Nice mixing, but these drums and female vocals are way too boring for me!
Like the vocals... Didn't think they were gonna work but they did.
I really like that voice! And the track makes me tap with the feet ;) Very enjoyable.
I like Kates voice, I hope you do further tunes with her.
Great remix! I just miss some more attitude or something new...
It is good remix. And very close to very good one.
My humble, individual vote for the year.. Vocals could have fit nicely at 1:57-2:10 (and the repeats aswell), but it is already a perfect arrangement, me thinks!=)
Great groove, although tempo feels a little bit slow. I like the arrangement, but I am undecided on the vocals, I think the remix would be equally good without them.
I'm thrilled!!
A bit bland vocal part when compared to the rest of the song. Rest is worth the Orange.
Yes the voice is nice, but the rest I'm not impressed and the words also
Awesome production, good voice - tainted by empty lyrics a littlebit. But, that minus is for Kate :)
Nice tune, nice voice. Good job, Sir.

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