kjetiln - Lost Patrol Trancefloor Remix 2008 Radio Edit

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Lost Patrol Trancefloor Remix 2008 Radio Edit
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June, 1965; a U.S helicopter crashes in the remote central highlands of vietnam leaving only seven survivors. They have little food or ammunition, no radio, and need to way their way across 74 miles of a wilderness that is alive with booby traps and enemy soldiers.

That was the good news. The bad news starts here....



The Lost Patrol soundtrack is one of my all time favorite game music tunes.

This is not a remake of my older Lost Patrol Trance remix, it is a completely new tune.


Lost Patrol Trancefloor Remix 2008 Radio Edit
Great track!!
Very nicely done.
I honestly think the track would be better off without the cheesy narration - love the second half with the variation on the main theme.
I loved that game. Everything is back when the main theme is played in the trancy sea of sound. Good job.....
The only thing that keeps me from giving a red one ist that the theme is, imho, not very good for a "heavy" beat, but the remix is nevertheless very good. I really like the spoken introduction, brought back many good memories :)
Powerfull! Nice work!
Nice Work. Maybe the original theme is not enough present ;)
Good piece of trance and techno. The track has its soul....
Oh, yesch
That rocks!!!

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