Kurrel the Raven - Parallax (Andes Ocarina mix)

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Not flawless, but a completely original remixing angle! Soon we'll have Peruvian flute bands playing Parallax on every street corner.
Very nice... Even if the ocarina sounds more like a panflute. But nice atmo!
What Makke said. Except for the Peruvian flute bands... Then again, there's worse things out there...;)
Very good, too short :)
Not my bag, but a sound remix :)
I like the rhythm and ambience in this very much.
Very nice
Very raw - loads of static - and several serious bum notes - but hey its a brave attempt at a guitar based tune and one that deserves thanks! Thank you nice work
Very nice approach :)
I love the style of this, just wish it were longer!
Go with the flow I guess...
Very lovely, just wish it was longer!
Let me start with the bad things - too short and thats about it. Intelligent, very original idea, good sound quality. So simple and yet so attracting. Very good work. Bigger, better, faster, longer = red face :-D
I hope makke is wrong means id have to sit there and listen.. But this is a great little tune has a really nice feel to it enjoyed listening to it.
Great quality, great remix!
Credit for trying something different with a Parallax tune, well done.
Pan-flutes overdone.
Even RKO has not escaped from the sound of the Peruvian flute bands; but it sounds so cultured!
More of the same, please! What an original idea!
Quite relaxing, I like it.
What the hell? ... SID western...? :) Some high notes are ice-piking sharp, and it's way too short - but it's great, anyway! Good guy with white hat duelling with bad guy in black stuff. Tune ends, 5 sec pause, then: BANG-BANG :)
Waiting for the next one. Love ocarina
A bit short, but still awesome rendition!
¡Arriba! Added to my collection.
Too short but wonderful sound!
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what a nice touch of a parallax . i`m feeling like i`m standing on a mountain right in columbia (somehow i also feel being in a coffee commercial). this tune plays right away a human live-played-feeling, in every aspect. no sign of miditiming or computer added music making.
so does the instrumentals. a very organic and emotional remix at a very charming factor is this fine piece. the style suits very good to the melody part of parallax. but in the end i miss something: the music is too short. i would like to hear this tune like a 5 minute score. very well done mr. raven. thank you for the music.