Lagerfeldt - Flip the Flop (Rock My Commodore)

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Flip the Flop (Rock My Commodore)
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Lagerfeldt Remixer
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Flip the Flop (Rock My Commodore)
This is a remix of the Dutch Breeze/Flip the Flop tune by Reyn Ouwehand which was played during disk swapping.

  • Thanks for voting this #2 Most Innovative Mix of the Year 2003 at the ROTY

Verse 1
Yeah I'm on a SID chip acid trip
but never trippin'
only triple platinum hits
on the Ritz
making block rocking beats for my peeps
cos' when we're rocking on the Commodore
we're rocking for keeps
and you drop your jaw in awe
you never bore
of the fazing, amazing, laser tasing sound of the C64
filling the floor
to the max
never lax
the elite Flip the Flop to the beat

Yeah Flip the Flop on the dance floor
as I rock my '64
Yeah Flip the Flop on it hard core
as I rock my Commodore

Verse 2
Yeah I'm never poppin' the magic pill
I'm poppin my pelvis
doing the Elvis to the SID chill
6 4 doing the magic
I never sit still
Speccy's get fucked, they get slugged and killed
hear the real deal
my invitation's regulation will accept no imitation
okay maybe emulation
but the 6581's Mace in your face, Don
think you are reborn?
wait 'till you get it on
Flippin' the Flop on the dance floor

Chorus repeat
Flip the Flop (Rock My Commodore)
Vote distribution
Flip the flop.. Shit 3 years passed and still in my fav's playlist.. This tune rocks!
I love this tune, but for some reason "we're rockin' for keeps" makes me wince everytime.
An awesome tune, an awesome remix!
Turning nothing into something like this is unbelievable! Great job!
Very fun take on a remix! And suberbly executed!
See, I heard it and said "Wait, why did someone remix Agemixer's remix of Freestyler... " I don't hear enough of the tune it's SUPPOSED to be to override that.
Freestyler! Rock my Commodore! Cool stuff! Added to my collection.
Like Reyn said, this was transformed from a very simple track that maybe went for about a minute max into what I could even class an Anthem for C64 Musicians hehe. @datucker: dont feel bad about that as this is a really well done job.
This great piece is still to be beaten. Get at it folks. :D
I planned to remix Flip the Flop. But when I heard this, I thought: I never can beat this shit! Great work!
Teh Awesomeness! This is as good as an early morning caffeine injection.
Innovative and strangely very good.
Even after all these years this track keeps me moonwalking!!! Outstanding!!!
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I'm stuck in a state of sever confusion. I don’t know what it is about this track, but I absolutely adore it. I’ve played it three times in a row so far. Normally, at this point, I would be twitching from intense boredom. But, for some reason, I can’t get over the urge to hit the play button again.

Maybe it’s because it says to the maxx.

I duno, but I REALLY like it.