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Since It's Binary, Baby! has gone off the radar for a while, I decided to release the remixes here on RKO. I will release one track per month in track order from the album. I decided to remaster the tracks. Not sure if they're better sounding or just different sounding, but they've been remastered from my original Renoise mixdowns.


I had listened to Apoptygma Berzerk's Harmonizer a lot around the time this remix was conceived. I’m clearly mimicking Stephan Groth’s sometimes deadpan vocal delivery to otherwise exciting and melodic dance music. I like that contrast. 


I also remember opinions being divided regarding this remix. Some people think it's the best track of the album, some think it's rubbish. Personally I think it's one of the best Lazy Jones remixes around. But you're welcome to disagree. 😊



Jones was quite a lazy man

Of game designers he was a fan

Was happy as long as he got payed

And spent his day in the arcade


But sometimes he felt all trapped inside

A boarded up house with no way out

With someone watching, no way to hide

Not in control of his whereabouts


And his friends they used to say

You've got to break loose of that some day

The joystick is running your life

Stuck in a rut, an endless strife


But Jones wouldn't hear

Cuz in his head he heard the cheer

Of people singing


Jones he is our man

He can join my clan

He's got the high score

Who can ask for more?


Jones he is the best

Better than the rest

He's got all the scores

That are higher than yours


His mother used to ask her son

What out of all of this he'd won

And every time he used to say

You wouldn't understand anyway


And she would shake her head

Saying: Why don't you get a girl instead?

The joystick is running your life

Stuck in a rut, an endless strife

A banger in 2006, and still a banger in 2021.
Come back and make more music!
Still love it!:-)
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Ok, so late to the party. Sort of. Yes, I've heard this remix several times, but only through official broadcasting, and no … I didn't buy the album. Hell, never bought any c64-album. So yes – shame on me. But on the other hand – super glad that Makke is releasing his choons for public consumption. Anyway, this release shows the skills of Mr. Makke. WB back to the scene, brutha. (but who am I to wish a thing like that, huh? Huh? Like, huh?). P.s. huh.