Mario Barbierato - Green Beret (Mist On Me remix)

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Starts off great, I ached for the big development in the middle of the tune being larger. Love those major/minor chord changes.
I'm really digging this! The prolonged intro is phenomenal, but at 2:15 I expected something more bombastic to happen (full-out wall of sound or something). The female singer sounds fantastic!
There is a hll of lot of tease with this and it delivers - but then ends so quickly. I can only say wash the singer and send her to me - actually dont wash her lol - But Lovelly and close to stunning
Heard 1000 times before. This brings nothing new. Boring and monotome. However, the sounds are good and the production is well executed.
My life has taken me to hear many different styles and musical trends. This remix sounds very good, takes you by the hand and leads you to the end leaving you desire to hear it again. Congratulations
As good as a soundtrack!
Nice work and production. Mordi and Reyn stole this show to me some time ago but that's no problem, it was a nice listen.
Great mix.. Love the sounds used, agree with Mr Abbott when it kicks in it would of been fantastic if it was bolder, but saying that you might of had this style in mind.. Nice and welcome on board
Awesome Remix! Added to my collection!

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