markg - wizball hiscore (tenor sax)

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markg Veteran
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None offensive, but nothing really special, nice sax playing though (which im guessing the backing track which is subpar is only really there to fill out what you really wanted to show off).
Much, much better than the 2002 version! The sax playing skills still require improvement, though! But better backing music, more emotion, better overall impression!
Just like the original one - quite soulless, food market music. But then again, original highscore music is a very synth example (of a SID), I should give some orange or red points for that!
Not my cup of tea... Also, the effects sounds like your playing in a bathroom. Sorry
Like your other song, the sax playing has timing issues with the backing track which spoil it for me.
Haha! Mambo Kurt is on a trip in cyberspace!
Whilst the sax playing is nice enough, the rest of the tune doesn't give it the space it deserves and as such just doesn't cut it for me. Sorry.
I really like the sax in it, it's very expressive, but the rest is only so-so.
This is better and more fitting compared to Parallax... Enjoyable.
Again, nice idea. But like Steve said, it has timing and other technical issues.

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