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Markus Schneider - Citadel (feat. NecroPolo)

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As you may can hear, this is intended to be a film soundtrack, but combining a lot of different instrument types from choir, orchestral, metal and synth. This is the first remix of Citadel, a dark and spacy c64 tune, and so I wanted to reflect this as much as possible. While this track was changed several times, the final version was much more shaped by NecroPolo and ended up in the style of Mass Effect. I really appreciated to work with him and - I maybe can musically slide some bits and bytes, but  - there's nothing better and more innovate than a real musician. Thank you Péter! Thanks also to Kenneth 'Slaygon' Mutka for lending me his ears and making important mixing suggestions. I really appreciate that, since you may know I suffer from Tinnitus on both ears at 8K. I am saving my files with a major version (A-Z) and a running id. It may be a coincidence, but this the 64th saved version with major version K, so 64k ... (MS)

Life is a strange web of coincidences. I just pick one out of the the numerous ones during this project: a day before Markus contacted me about his Citadel project, I was listening to my all-time fav SIDs for some insight and I concluded that his End.sid from the golden days of C64 is my fav introtune ever. So, I was more than happy to add little pieces here and there to this cinematic vision by Markus. It was already a living and breathing thing when I got the play-along source file, I just added small colouring things. He received the tracks that he weaved into the texture and put the whole thing on a new level with such expertise that separates a composer from a songwriter. It's been an honour Markus! (NP)




Top notch film music style.
Absolutely lovely track!
Suddenly everyone and their mother are film composers? :p Great and atmospheric piece of audio!
C64 mass effect 2015...
I expected a typical MS arrangement and was surprised. If you are into it it's such a damn cool track. Wow.
Before I'd read the text here, this tune had that Mass Effect flavour. Amazing atmosphere in this piece
That's Epic! Markus you are hero and the descendant of Hans Zimmer :)
Absolutely fantastic remix, stunning film music take on a sid tune!!!
This would be suitable as a background music for Command & Conquer or something like that! But if it was, the first thing I would do is switch it off.
That's good!
Love this atmospheric rockish sound. A bit different than the normal orchestrial tunes put out by Markus.
Review by slaygon


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Way under-rated track. The build-up is gorgeous. The cinematic aura of it is just perfect! Any movie would be happy to have this as its sound track! The delicately placed guitars from NecroPolo in the mix gives away the precision work Markus put into making this a mix to take seriously. And seriously, you should. The subtle choir at the 4 minute mark. The low string section at the beginning. This is as serious as a movie soundtrack would ever be. Rate it as such. (and I haven't even mentioned the low-end precision work throughout the track!)