Amaurote (Get ready for action remix)

Track info
Amaurote (Get ready for action remix)
Arranged by:
Martin Dodd Veteran
Composed by:
David Whittaker
All-Time charts position:

 My first remix which was originally done in 2004 but was rejected at rko due to the lead being not up to standard. Any how I redid it and the track was released. Must confess that i first heard this track on the zx spectrum, It was a simple enough tune to have a go at my first remix and it was done in an afternoon...

Vert soundtracky and heavy. Not something I'd put on every day though.
Nice. Some fresh ideas. Not mainstream. The instrument-set does not catch my taste, so it goes only for yellow.
Would make much more sense as one piece of a full soundtrack!
Menacing :)
Nice combi of sounds, very good remix...
Has a nice punch to it, but becomes a little annoying for me.
Good ideas here, well done. The snaredrum is the only thing that goes on my nerves because it goes on and on and on...
Amaurote isnt a game with inspiring tunes. This mix is a good version with what you had to work with. I like it!
Good orchestration.
Ok, but boring.
Could be used as background music for some PC ego-shooter war game. I hate those violent crappy games, especially their music.

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