Martin Dodd - Power Drift (1989 Club Mix)

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Power Drift (1989 Club Mix)
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Martin Dodd Veteran
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Nice and clean sounds throughout, and although not really club sounding enough, it does have a good hook and feel to it nonetheless. A good attempt here.
Oh, this is so late 80's arcade. Doesn't sound analog enough to be club in my opinion. The arrangement is nice but there's something lacking to give it that extra boost.
It's cool, could have been in the background of a Miami Vice episode...
It does have that 80s feel to it, but I find the lead sound too weak and too fake - those pitchbends really bother me.
I got something for you.. If you was born in the 80's..! Is 80's synth music making a comeback? It does sound more palatable to my ear lately ^^
Non-offensive to the ear, but doesn't excite me much!
Sounds ok so far. Althought a little uninspired here and there... Got a sure 80s sound style somehow! Not really club though. But doesn't do really wrong...
Nicely done.
Great re-make of a old tune.
With some better instruments (esp: lead, toms) that would be red for me. I really like the main bass theme. BTW, PD was a great game :)
It could be a bit more accented. The parts flow into each other. It feels a bit like talking without any 'dot'. Apart from that, really good work.

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