Martin Dodd - Wrath Of The Demon (Requiem Remix)

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Martin Dodd Veteran
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About the tune....

This tune was done without the aid of a click track.  I basically got the sounds together that I wanted and just recorded it into my DAW by playing it through from start to finish. This has allowed me to adjust the tempo on the fly and this gives the track more feeling.

Im assuming the crackles that drfuture has commented on is probably due to the TAL TUBE plugin that I used on the nylon guitar. 



Very nice, although it seems to "crackle" here and there which is a pity.
Very beautiful!
Relaxing. Just wish to float away in this song forever. Wicked remix!
This is what music is really about: emotions, feelings. This remix has plenty of that. PS: I finally figured out why this sounds so familiar: listen to ''El Greco'' from Vangelis...
A nice atmospheric soundscape was created. At the beginning that plug-in seems to be clipping a little. No biggie as you say it's a live take. To be honest sometimes I clip signals when I record guitars with mics and DI, too.
Love the sound of the nylon guitar, very atmospheric and a nice soundscape although the actual melody doesn´t move me much. Great work nonetheless!
Mike Oldfield! Added to my collection.
Another one I can listen to all day, My mind tends to 'drift' a bit while listening, which is good :)
Beautiful piece
Superb. Can't understand how I missed this one up till today. Beutiful!
Fantastic piece - reminds me of Assassin's Creed II which is a bonus!
Super 1ARemix!!!

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