Matt Howells - Nemesis the Warlock (Orchestral)

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Matt Howells Veteran
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What's there is good but it's ruined by an absolutely terrible choice of synth instrument which sounds out of place. Tweak that and it'd be better as it's a promising effort.
Lovely choir throughout, good arrangment, but the orchestral instruments sound very weak and unrealistic. Improve that, but the rest is pretty good.
Choir is ok the rest is very flat - not bad but not powerfull enough I feel
I'm no fan of Nemesis, and sorry to say this arrangement don't improve my idea...
The arrangement is so epic that it's almost cheesy again. The instruments don't sound as real as this great Hubbard composition would deserve it. Anyway, impressive remix!
Would sound better if the synth didn't hurt my ears. I actually want to know how this could sound with decent instruments. Kinda reminds me of the german game series "Das Schwarze Auge". Which is good.
Sorry, but I judge every orchestral against a REAL orchestra... That makes orchestral scores very hard to obtain an orange from me cause most suffer from the sample-syndrome... And this has some bad ones amongst it
This is great stuff, great stuff. Matt Howels, you've got potential. If you continue like this, you'll soon sound like Glyn R Brown! Very good arrangement - actually one of the best.

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