Merman - Eliminator (Mega Meteor Mix)

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Was listening to the Eliminator SID after Back in Time this year, and noticed the similarities to the Crazy Comets bassline...
Erm, not sure what this is supposed to be... Bad mixing and boring really.
Trying to do Eliminator with Crazy Comets/Mega Apocalypse takes a mammoth effort to pull off. It doesn't work, really. It would have been better off trying just to do Eliminator with a better bass instrument. And less DOISH!
Sure, it's long-winded and could prolly have been split up in several stand-alone mixes, but I kinda liked it.
I didnt find this appealing in any way, and murdering long.
A little gawky but nice and fresh!
I really heard worse. But: The end of the tune goes a bit too far for my taste and the piano really sounds artificial (almost all samples are a bit poor, but the piano really hurts since it's recognizable as such and thus really sticks out in a bad way).
Im really sorry, the idea's there but it just sounds aweful, theres nothing here at all that shines. Timing issues, eq (lack of), and that bass noise.. Very poor.
This is one of the few remixes that I couldn't even bring myself to listen all the way through from start to finish. Some horrendous instrument choices and a very overbearingly long and quite dull mix.
This tune is one of my favourites, and you killed it. Sorry, dude. Better luck next time.
You have to be tonedeaf to enjoy this. Horrible instrument choices, horrible arrangement, sounds out-of-tune... Ouch.
Kind of funky, but just too bad instruments, mixing, the lot...
Quite bad...
The bass doesn't sound good, but the piano part is ok. A bit long and boring, tho.
Heard worse, not bad but not very good either...
Not as bad as some people have said, but still a rather average mix

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