Groovin High

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Torben Hansen (Metal)
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Nicely produced but just sounds like a load of musicians having a wank at points. Very short...
Getting funk-itis by this point. Gets an orange for technical achievement.
Impressive arrangement. Almost works - but the excessive stereo extending kind of ruins the mix.
It's nicely produced, but it just seems to be a bit thin in terms of variety and style. The mixing needs a bit of tweaking, and the stereo extending just doesn't cut it. What's there is good, with a gentle tweak it'd also be easier on the ear.
Oooh, I would've loved this had it not been for the instruments not sounding real enough. It sounds too much like midi-triggered samples. The idea is grand though!
Metal actually did a conversion of a xm-module that Laxity and I did some years ago. So this can be said to be a remake :)... I like the little remake though - it was intended originally to be in be-bop style this version seems more groovy
Great! But I wished the drums would have been a bit more bebop jazz-like. The vibraphone is cool though.
Shoot me thru my man boobs, great work from a difficult sid but where is the sax man???
Hey, Hey, Hey... What happens here now? It's FRESH... It's FUNKY (again)... It's sooo *hmmm* jazzzeeeee!!! :-D Damn... How great is that now as a different idea? Great!
As usual :-)
This is an uplifting rendition, and good choice to remix some of Metals stuff (... Not to mention Dizzy Gillespie). I love your style.
This one's a little experimental and sounds too old-school swing for my taste. Only "Very Good", below moog's usual standards.
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The drum section is a bit to square for me. It should be a little more - jazzy sort of speak. Other than that - this is a nice peace of work.