Mordi - Alternative Fuel

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This is actually a tune I made many moons ago. I don't exactly consider it my magnum opus, but I felt like mastering it and thought it was nice enough to upload onto RKO for others to enjoy!
Mordi returns with another technically adept tune. Perhaps not the most outstanding tune as far as content goes, but easy on the ears and mixed perfectly.
Great conversion of JT's masterpiece! I really like the way you de-hypered this tune to an easy listening and relaxing tune!! More Mordi please ;) - p2/h3@tW@v3
Fresh glass of water after drinking lots of... Complicated materials :) Enjoyable one, doubtless. Seemingly a little short, but still complete.
That harmonica did not do it for me, elsewise a very good take on a masterpiece song!
Thanks for remixing this one... I am kinda annoyed by the wrong chords... Otherwise a good remix!
Great, thanks!
I'm getting sick of giving top scores, but I can't help myself, this is an awesome remix which preserves the mood and feel of the original even though it's more laid back, which I fancy a lot!
Nice mix of a classic JT track.....
JT rules! Very good remix - you've done it very well - but for my taste it is a bit too slow...
I agree with Arne.
Solid remix. Nothing bad to say.
I just love this Jogeir Liljedahl style! Added to my collection.
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Hmm, frankly, I was expecting a little more Mordification on this tune. Don't get me wrong, I like the slowed down tempo, but I question some of the arrangement choices. Like, how it fades out in the end - the original SID has a very well-defined ending, and I quite like it that way. Also, a few of the chord changes seem to break up the flow of the tune.

I am also put off a tad by the whiny thin lead. Some fat pad would've helped enhance the mellow feeling.

So, I'm torn on this tune, it has its ups and downs.