Mordi - The Alibi

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Smooth. Grea production. Perhaps a bit too much reverb here and there, and the fade is a bit quick at the end. A very fine piece!
Production is very good, but it is spoilt somewhat by the reverb here and there, which isn't needed to carry this tune so well.
Mordi is up to his usual production standards in this smooth track.
Good tap of an excellent classic. The reverb is eating up the lead and the pads. Beside that I like this remix :)
Quite nice, but I think the bass is too weak.
Like the others said, too much reverb. Anyway, I was planning to remix this track, now I won't. Too good your mix it is!;-)
Nice lead and pads, Im a reverb junkie so its good for me, the drums may be too prominent though.
Relaxing version of the catchy sid.
There are two really great parts in here: the one at 0:57-1:19 and the one at 3:04-3:25. I actually find the SID arpeggios annoying in this context, so I'd say drop them or make them chords. Smooth arrangement, but not as smooth as Moog's.
I'd love the bass to get a bit of a boost as it gets lost quite a lot behind the drums.
"too much reverb", otherwise wonderful prod! (actually my head hurts a bit from the bass when listening to this with earphones, even at low volume...)
Very good music!
Yup its a little wet on the leads but I actually like it, gives it a dreamy feel (though it does lessen impact a little). I mainly listen on cans so I like spacious mixes. Great work.
Hey, It is my favorite sid! Well done!;)
It's great. The melody is one of the best ever. Good work.
Missing on the oh so important lead bends every now and then, but overall a very nicely executed rendition of one of my favourite SIDs!
Actually I like this, but bass & drums could be better.
The original is awesome and so is this remix. Very good!
I like it a lot keep the good work up mordi
One of my favorites, great work.
Almost as good as the 2012 version! Added to my collection.
Very good work!

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