N-JOY - Warhawk (Halcón de la guerra mix)

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One of the most authentic remakes to appear for years
The only thing I guessed was how this would sound from the title name. And then lives up to my expectations ;)
Personally not my style, but very authentic and beautifully expressive! Sounds perfect to me!
Arriba - great one.
Authentic sound and a perfect ending!
Of the new remixes I saved this one for the last. N-JOY is always quality and this tune is a proof of that.
Oh my God! It's just so perfect!! Awesome!
I must admit that this tune for me was always at the bottom of Hubbard's SIDs. I would have never thought that one day I'll hear this song in a version that makes me smile :)
Great :D
Authentic and well played. A bit boring.
N-JOY is a league on his own. Every song he makes is astonishing!
N-JOY has much cochones.
Amazing track. Highly professional and nice acoustic sounds. But what is that I hear at 1:30, sounds a little funny if you ask me.
¡Impresionante! Me gusta esta música mucho! Gran estilo nuevo flamenco!
Lol how can you hear this without a smile on your face? =) Very well done.
Great show... Just eNJOYed it :-)
Ay, ay, ay! Added to my collection.
Very nice!
Hola and Ole! Absolutely flawless and brilliant tune. Thanks for sharing it!
Outstandingly played brilliantly recorded and great to listen too
Quality from beginning to end...
Great interpretation. Flamenco!
I loved the Warhawk tune, I played the game for days, so I'm very picky with remixes. But this is fucking brilliant: It doesn't try to copy the original's action-tune-thing, but does something different, surprising, still staying this very tune. Great!
Great Work!
Disliked greatly
It's a good mix, but not really my style
What a surprise! I really didn't expect THAT. I don't think, I need to listen to it all day long, but it was fun anyway.
Awesome, really like this one
Holà! Que Bella Musica! Great!
One of the best remixes on this site. Playful, brilliant, muy bien!:)
Excellent idea, could be arranged a bit more complex
Not my personal taste, but well done
YEAHH!! More own Ideas like that please! That's exactly what I want!

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