NecroPolo - Zak (McKrackenica edition)

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This year, I have 3 acoustic guitar-based SID remixes in mind. BC Bill was first, this comes second and - well, ¬†guess the third😊

This track is based on a really old idea, dated back when I played ZAK a lot as a kid and I had an old acoustic geetar lying around just a grab away. Decades later, this 'zak was included in 2011 SIDrip Alliance base live set so I refreshed the memories but finally the idea and this tune wasn't included. Before the party I had really little time (as usual) and I had this in the mind so I followed the original arrangement and everything was recorded+mixed in a couple of hours the night before √ĀROK Party where it was to be released at the remix compo. No editing+polishing whatsoever on the recorded tracks. The style was intended to capture the feel of beautiful Croatian seashore but finally it got some strong Spanish accent.

From the tech point of view (there is no advertising but gear deserves some good words): I had acquired a RODE M3 multi-purpose mic that I intended to use in the following recording project on many things so I needed a test anyway so it was used on everything through my old trusty AMEK CIB strip with just subtle adjustments for each sound source. I've heard good things and I needed an all-rounder like AKG C1000, there was a great discount on M3 so I've ordered one. Results during this project and the band recordings since that were brilliant so I'd absolutely recommend it if you need one do-it-all mic that doesn't zerofy your bank account. With good placement it will give from nice to awesome results. Considering mix+master I wanted to reflect the old feel of my C64 times when music listening was all about tapes and phonos so even the sequencer-generated drum loop was recorded to an old AKAI deck laying around (I guess from the late '80s) and played back to the session. The mixdown compressor was a twin of TLA Fats that I used for the mastering of the new KIPU album (project finished just the day before) who wanted some analogue warmth on the cold digi final track. As for level compensation, there is no limiter on the track - only normalising to preserve all the dynamics. Turn it up if you want it louder, I won't do your work instead of you this time ;)

The following day, the remix compo was really rich, there were 8 entries. About the party itself it was 100% uncompromising fun and a nice concert.

Oh dude! This is so close to perfection as you can get! Only wish you would replace the initial melody guitar with something like a banjo to complete the Spanish feel, and you have a perfect remix!
It's too short! I want more, more, more of this flamenco Zak!
Stylish guitar flamboyance indeed, it is way too short though, but very sweet
The guitar fits really great with the sid :) well done but really a little short
This is really a great tune! To short but great!
Great tune!;)
Perfect! But just too short!
Well done spanish mood, but much too short
Drums a bit stiff and lacks a bit of variation, it's a bit too short and lastly it's great :D
Never thought of the zak tune in this way. Great tune! Congratulations!
I loved the game intro, and this even more! Greeat!
Hah excellent. Genious. Wonderful.
Not much effort behind this, is it?
I haven't heard such a great rendition of the Zak MacKracken theme in years.
Not bad!
Sorry, good idea and technically good, but only average
It's a bit like
Outstanding! Great arrangement and guitar playing!
Love it. Gave me a good laugh but also a very warm summer feeling. Never thought Zak theme could do that...
Very nice tune. A bit of sun in a cold winter ;)
Hahaaaa loved it!!!
This way I love it. Don't try to sound similar to original, make your own style.

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