p0p - Jump'n run (lame game c64 rmx)

Track info
Arranged by:
p0p Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Thomas Mogensen (DRAX)
All-Time charts position:
This works for me. The mixing lacks a bit in the higher register, but makes up for it with a nice stomp that'll make even Stephen Hawking get up and boogie!
Cool stuff! Some happy hardcore meets SID in a strange funky blend.
Nice way to blend from the sid to the remix and back. Gives me a positive mood, mid-90s techno style, guite good. Too bad it's about 10 years too late to make the Love-Parade jump and run.
Love the sid-part but everything else is a bit too dull and generic trancepop. Agree with Makke about the weak high register.
Blends from SID to remix well enough, but doesn't sound completely right somehow. What's there is good enough but needs tweaking in the mixing.
Very good! Makes me wiggle in my chair :P Maybe needs some "sharper" sounds here and there.
Wow, this is done very well. If you like Jump Sytyle, this is the song to go for!
Very very good!! I like how the way how you mixed the SID within the happy hardcore stuff... It could go commercial... Believe me! SLAM FM (netherlands) will keep this playing! Thumbs up!
Nah its crap. Woot what a stonking track and this is as defiance says the best track of 2008 so far and makke gets comment of the year - Awesome
This is music right up my alley. The SID-blending is outstanding. In my opinion, best one for 2008 so far! Keep it up!
Its a bit muddy, but sod it.. Its great fun to listen too
I'm so tired! Another techno-style remix! Lame!
Owns. Also absolutely killer to play on audiosurf. I can just see the Terminator on the dance floor ordering everyone to Jump and Run.
A fast and aggressive mix. The way it should be. Solid!
Oh maaaaan! This is one of the happiest clappiest bouynciest unziest makes-me-happy tunes EVER!!! Instant happiness!!! ->ipod. 10 thumbs up.
Really great unzy tune. I want more!
Reminds me of Prodigy. Not too few chiptunes.
The rythm and Bass forces you to move your..... Great tune
The remix was did really nice :) The breakpart with SID roxx! Rest is something like "already seen" but stills a nice production :)
Very nice, reminded me to Daxx's Druid.
I am a little confused... It says that Stello Doussis did the original but this is one of my old sids... Please explain!

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