Peter W - Paradroid (001 Short Version)

Track info
Arranged by:
Peter W Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Andrew Braybrook
All-Time charts position:
To clear something on my mind: The original Paradroid SiD has some random soundeffects and also a subbass that "wiggles". the genre drum and bass is all about drums and bass. So I took the subbass from paradroid, made it dirty and tweaked it a bit. Then I extracted some of the spacey sound effects from the SiD, tweaked them as well and changed order so it fitted better into the track. So the foundation of the whole track is based and driven by the original Paradroid SiD sounds.

The short version of the hard hitting drum and bass track. I made a shorter version for radio purpose and for those that thought the other one was too long for their taste.
The long version was Ok. Why this short one?
I feel the same about this as I do about the long version - I'd personally release one or the other.
As cool as the long version. Shorter though.;)
Same greatness in a shorter form. Keep it up! Are you a Pendulum fan, btw?:)
Cool and tight drum'n'bass! A bit monotone at times though...
I even found myself skipping through this version waiting for a "cool bit".
Good production qualities. It's just a little repetetive.
Don't work either...
Weeee gotta love warped basses eh peter ;) sounds very much like a lighter pendulum/noisia track. This style of music is soon to tear into the mainstream so kudos to pete for fingering the pulse xD

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