Arkanoid (cobra sky shot mix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Phammin Remixer
Composed by:
Martin Galway
All-Time charts position:
Nicely mixed and all, but not much connection to the original track, imho.
Don't like this one bit. It's trying to be techno with just a few arpeggios from Arkanoid thrown in.
Nicely laid-out drum'n'bass version of Arkanoid here. Has elements of the original but tries to stretch it in a different way.
Brilliantly realised use of Arkanoid which is something you don't hear that often anymore
Arkanoid blown to particles, re-assembled a different way. Interesting remix, no doubt. A little longer than it should be.
It's sad to see that so many people aren't ready for drum n bass and knows how to appreciate it. This deserves top marks. Production values are great, mix is very good, Percussion and bass variations are awesome. THIS is a remix! Arkanoid foh sho!
Excellent work! Its nearly entirely original stuff, the arpeggio synths are superb and the dark ambient pads are great, the SiD sounds could be better but this is still quality.
This one rocks! Well done!
Well, this is different! Very rhythm-heavy, high production value - I'm warming up to it despite my dislike of this genre in general.

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