Green Beret (Chillout ReMix)

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Arranged by:
PowerTrace Veteran
Composed by:
Martin Galway
All-Time charts position:
Nicely done, wish it had more variation though.
I love ambient trance music!
Very nicely done, was well chilled out listening thanx :)
Yes, this sounds about right. A tune executed with control and with a nice feel, mood and flow, got a positive surprise by the second half.
Can't believe my ears! This is awesome! Added to my collection.
Amazing. How many times I have tried to remix this track and dumped it. Great percussion, great bassline and most of all, great atmosphere.
Man it got me right in the mood. Very elegant work, it was a joy listening.
I was thinking about giving it an Orange. Very good start, but for me the tune didn´t lift off totally...
Very moody and nice instrumentation!
Love the mixing and style of this one. A new take on an old theme, and it works for me.
Samples are very similar to JM Jarre's "Métamorphoses" IMHO, or maybe I'm imagining this :)
Very good!
Review by LaLa


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

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I have just rediscovered this remix (2016 Feb), and man, it totally captivates me! It's been playing on a loop inside my head for days now. The production is topnotch, and it is deeply emotional on many levels. And Zilog is right: there's something Jarre-ish about this remix: that dreamy piano is definitely Metamorphosis.