Putzi - Crazy Comets

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I made the remix on a request from the guy who made this game: http://www.lodgia.com/crazycometz/index.php

The version of the remix inside the game is even more "crazy", so if you like the crazyness, try the game, if you don´t, then you are warned ;-)

I don´t expect lots of ppl to like this tune, but for those who like the little chaos, here it is.

Sorry, but this version only sounds average in my ears... I'll check out the game too!:-)
Sorry, but this tune is over done. Too minimalistic with strange overstyled instruments. I prefer to listen to the original SID instead of this remix.
I got hooked on the bass-thing going on throughout the track. Sounds nice in headphones. Groovy!
I don't know what to think here. Some parts are quite nice, but then the bass & drums totally ruin it. In other words, it just doesn't work. Fat reverb on melody lines while totally flat bass'n'drums just won't work.
Overall not too bad but the strange lead-instruments are just displaced and ruin the mix...
The drums are too loud and repetitive. The (lead)instruments sound strange.
Cool! Good flow!
It's called "Crazy" Comets for a reason! Whew, what a wacky arrangement! I only wish the instrumentation was equally wacky - it's not quite. Plus it all sounds a bit simplistic. But high points for originality!
My humble individual vote for the hour... Simple and cool arrangement, I like. There's nothing too much or less to this one.
I don't know what to make of it, really... I guess it's ok since I could hear it to the end without the feeling that I never want to hear it again. Nevertheless, a lot of things bother me here. Slightly above average for me.
Very interesting sounding remix :D
At the intro I started wondering if this was the same putzi. But then it fired up to something that could be something made by putzi. Then it went down south.

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