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Raven Squad - Test Drive 2 (Late Night Test Driving)

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Raven Squad Remixer
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Well here is a tune that took me ages to complete. Actually this tune is compination of two failed Test Drive 2 mixes which i made few years earlier with Fast Tracker II.
It's ok I guess... Nothing specail
Good, but nothing really happens. Pretty laid back though.
It's quite nice and laid back, this one, and even quite faithful to the original. Slightly better choice of instruments would have made it a very good.
Very chilled out but stretched way to far
Very nice, I like this kind of easy going music.... I wish the production could be a bit better...
Nice mellow atmo, good filter synth! Drums too repetitive tho
Nah, it's ok.
Quite nice, but not touchy.
A chill version, but dealy for driving late at night *yawn*
Nice, but I'd like it better if the melody wasn't changed
Really liked the synth part in the middle.. Fits in nicely.. Although the drums are somewhat.. Well.. It's been said over and over already :)
Dull! If I was Late Night Test Driving to this, I'd fall asleep on the wheel. The wrong notes in the melody make this even Poor instead of Average.
Really nice! Sets a great atmosphere for some late night test driving. Have had this on high rotation for years

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