Reyn Ouwehand - Wizball [high score]

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Martin Galway
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Another video.. Spending a lazy saturday evening in the studio.. Yip yip, another Wizball video, but different track...:

I used this crappy sounding Eminent 310 organ for the basics. Even though Jean-Michel Jarre used the build in String Ensemble for most of his early productions I really love the cheezyness in it AND the build in rhythm machine. Also added a melodica, a Vox bass and an Epiphone guitar equipped with a bigsby tremolo.





Going for a Very Good on this one as PPOT did something similar on their RunStop Restore Album
It's Reyn, but nothing really outstandingly original here, awesome production as always.
Who can sit still with a bossa nova? When it's done right, anyway. Thankfully, Reyn delivers in his usual professional manner.
Good version this.
:) This one really made me smile.
Ahh, now, there you go: you can't go wrong using the Eminent. Awesome!
Love that Eminent organ sound.... But nothing special for me.
I was about to give it a very good rating at first, but after a bossa-while of listening to it on loop I've gotten lulled into going for red. I'd be not the least suprised if this was played in elevators around the globe. It sounds just right for that. :D
Great images coming from the format here. An old dance hall, 60+ people, a lone old man with a Yamaha keyboard with built-in rhythms. Atmospheric :)
I sometimes wonder how you can play so many instruments so well. And where you find all those crappy instruments!;-)
Awesome vintage cabaret feel. A perfect example of how great music can be achieved on top of a primitive old beat machine.
Very good job from Reyn, once again!

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