Reyn Ouwehand - Wizball [live at The Church]

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This time it wasn't Slaygon during a Sunday Service that dragged my into doing this video but Leoni. And I think it was Roxx that actually requested Wizball tune 4...

I also play this track in my C64 live-set but then I got some beats and the arpeggios coming out of Ableton Live. During the live show I couldn't get Ableton to work and it kept on crashing on me and then Leoni challenged me to do it acoustically without the computer. And so I did....

It kinda worked out.. and, like with Green Beret, I thought it would be fun to record a video of it which I uploaded in High Quality at YouTube: (use the complete link since that keeps the track in stereo..)

I hope you'll enjoy it!




Well, it's Reyn, what else do you need? ! Perfect!
Glad he released this.. The video version is awesome this slightly modified one is just as great.. Thanks reyn
It's outstanding.
Holy Reyn... Damn, I wish there had been an even stronger vote for this one. It has just become the best remix of 2008 as far as I'm concerned. Amazing!
You're the man! The impact is not as strong as when I saw the green beret session the first time, but still a big red face!
Perhaps the best of the Church sessions...?!
It's nice, but I obviously didn't like it as much as the others.
Reyn in the church. One need nothing more to know.
Awesome guitar lead, tune is full of emotion and nostalgia, very obviously a work of love. The mix is a tad muffled, but other than that - Reyn is a High Priest of SID in the Church of C64! (Or Church of SIDology?)
I can see I'm in a minority here, but I found it pretty boring even as BGM, though technically proficient. It was essentially the same 2-bar rhythm for six minutes. =/ (After discovering it was done in real time, I bumped this up a little.)
Excellent and amazing for live, but I dont give it an outstanding for it being only 2 bars in length (as jtgibson said) and the production isnt finished.
Silent admiration..... Thats all I can say... Silent Admiration... I wish I had a church too,.
Reyn is from another planet surely, he really should be playing this in front of 50, 000 people in a stadium.
This - I would love to hear live.
Reyn, you're the most amazing multi-instrumentalist I've ever known! I've just watched the Wizball video and I'm blown away to some unknown space territory...
Incredibly inspiring performance!
U R THE BEST.... Frickin fantastic stuff yet again pal.....
This is so beautiful. I don't think anyone has ever gotten so much out of the Wizball title track before.
Stunning, and some lovely extra touches to the original tune.
I loved this version, The high quality video was amazing too.
*this space intentionally left blank*... Why? Because quality speaks for itself.
Smart arse lol AWESOME
That is an inspiring track. "Inspiring" is the best adjective you can hear from me :)
Very good but didn't get the same feeling as amjority here. For me it just need some little moremagic inside
Nothing touches this - absolutely fantastic live rendition from my fav SID!!
The one-man band strikes again! Got goosebumps on the guitar solo near the ending. Probably one of your best live-at-the-church recordings! Added to my collection.
Gets a red face only because of it being done in realtime. Otherwise, it'd be just a bit too tedious and repetitive.
Have to disagree with everyone else who seem to love this tune. Sounds jarring to my ears, fast and constant noise that makes my ears hurt after a while.
I like that man
Something missing to perfection but nice work
Awesome remix!
Awesome cover, Dont miss the youtube video on Reyns channel

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