Wizball 2012 roudoudouzzz mix

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Arranged by:
Composed by:
Martin Galway
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Loose interpretation, but within the original's spirt. Cool!
Love the sound!
Very well done with lots of personal touches, but still within the spirit of the original.
The guitar sound is good, but feels like you are struggling with the instrument. Also the drums are not strong enough and does not appear as much as I would like.
This is just SO GOOD! Thanks for making/sharing!
Nice version
Not bad idea, but the main synth is really not good
Heard this first time late 2012. Keep comming back again and again to listen. Excellent creative twist and good sound!
Review by Waxhead


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Nice intro, the electric sweep at the beginning is just perfect. Then the technical rhythmic beeps create a nostalgic computerish feel and great harmonic backdrop before the lead cuts through loud and clear. Soft drums fills the gaps and soft piano is filling the void before the lead cuts through again. The lead never gets boring either. Playing on the nostalgia factor. The drums do get a bit stressed before the end. This is the only thing that I would have eased off a bit on. The surprising end is very nice. Overall great sound, excellent performance, nice buildup and a just perfect ending.