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Arranged by:
Romeo Knight Veteran
Composed by:
Martin Galway
All-Time charts position:
My second remix.

For Arkanoid I wanted the sound of real, live played drums and instructed a higly talented drummer - my former bandmate Antonius Grützner - to record some tracks for me for this production.
(Credits go to him for great energetic drumming and adding his creative output to this remix!)
All synthsounds and effects are made with Reaktor.

Listening advice: This remix is not loudness maximized to keep most of the natural feel of the drumsound. This may cause in too low volume when playing, so just crank up the volume a bit for full listening pleasure! Thank you.
Doesn't really work for me, I miss the power of the orginal track...
Lacks punch
Too noisy
Eike's second attempt is much better... Hope he will develop
I must admit, although I'm usually not into rock... This rocks!
Different approach on Arkanoise, er, Arkanoid! Very original! The best Romeo Knight I've heard so far.
I always thought, what a great drum computer sound. And now I just read, it's all real! Well, it was worth it! Good version.
Good connection to the original tune. High quality compositions. This song must be one of the hardest to make a remake on. Well done!
The best arkanoid remix of 'em all, you can stick your fruityloops preset crap, real instruments played by real musicians 'kin RULE
Review by maindrian


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

What can I say? Forgive me for being overenthusiastic when I write my reviews, but I hear so much stuff I dig here these days, I have to pass comment. Romeo rocks... No, he RAWKS! Thats the highest commendation I can give I think.

So, you've heard Arkanoid a thousand times before, you're sick of it. Get over it and wrap your ears around this interpretation. Pounding drums, roaring, bassy guitars and some awesome soundscapes. This is, absolutely 100% Arkanoid. At the same time, its a new spin on things.

On the critical side, I really don't like that wobbly bass sound. It seems out of place and ugly. Ugly enough to dissapoint me after a cracking intro. I could be just looking for holes to pick, but it really gets on my nerves. Ah well...

Overall. Nice. In two remixes, Romeo has pretty much blown my bloody doors off. I await more with baited breath.