Rune-Bertil's - American Type Rye (R-Type)

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You wouldn't think R-Type could be interpreted this way.
Yeah! Great remix and nice sound! Congrat's
Love it! :D Thought the horns could have started a bit earlier, but it's still awesome :D
F--ing A!!! Impeccable arrangement, nicely balanced. Sure, the brass sounds a bit synthy, but overall it's really, really good!
Outstanding one! Great idea and great arrangement. Swing out loud!!!
Who would have thought you could turn R-Type into a swing song from the 50/60s. Fantastic!!
Great stuff again IV got your “Monty On The Rocks” and “Delta” remix’s and now this one on my play list. Fantastic work keep it coming as I love the swinging jazz sound. A little request, If possible could you do Cybernoid 2 like this? That would be great
It's so crazy, it works!
Awesome Version!
Brilliant idea!
Ahhhh that made my day X) You can almost smell the smoke, the alc and the sweat in diz Jazz Bar
Rune Bertil's just gets better and better......
The idea is awesome and works for this song. Too sad it often sounds too computer-generated.
It is very good and very enjoyable there are othe R-Types that I like more though having said that Id love to see this live along with your other recent remixes Ill reserve judgement until then.. Well done btw
Myhke snuskig låt det derr jah...
Doesn't quite top Arkanoid, but no-one does this quite like Rune Bertil!
Nothing special
Another fantastic mix, am sure this guy is either James last or Rob Hubbard in disguise!!! Top stuff Rune-Bertil's
Excellent job.
Haha this is great! Love it!!
Haha, loving it!
Technically brilliant, probably, but the thing is, I'm not into that big-band swing thing.
Great style :) Anyway, the plastic-ness of instruments is a serious mis-match here and there. This brilliant idea cries for being performed by a real jazz band!
Great job. Since its big band swing though, you probably shouldn't have faded out. Doh!
Simply the shit, although this is absolutely not my style. But I love it! :D
The best remix of the best SID tune! Amazing!
Always hated this one! :p
By switching this absolute classic to swing, you can't help but lose all of the original feel. So, it just comes down to how you feel about swing.

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