Sambora64 - Last Ninja 2 - Central Park

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Basically this is a track I worked on for roughly 2-3 weeks here and there.  It is also the first track I have recorded and mixed from scratch by myself, so i'm still learning.  The general idea was to create a stereo-type-rock-anthem-last-ninja-tune(if that makes any sense) trying to get a big sound with a live feel to it.  I then discovered this site and really wanted to share it with you instead of it rotting away on the shelf.  Some may suggest it's a common choice, but I am a huge Last Ninja fan, so do be patient with me, had I have seen the amount of Last Ninja tunes on here I probably would have chosen something different :)  I will certainly attempt other C64 music in the near future.


I hope you enjoy, all comments welcome whether it be negative or positive.



Nice Rhythm- und Leadguitars. The bassdrum is a bit muddy and you put too much reverb on your song, but ok!
I've just heard way too many Last Ninja 2 tunes..
Sounds great.
The guitars are awesome, but the choice of lead instruments is questionable most of the time. A few neat ideas here and there would make it special, but overall it has a cheap garage-band feel to it. Great effort, though!
Perhaps this is rich coming from me, but I feel the whole thing is a bit too muddy. It's a shame, I was going with it through the opening, and then the lead cut in, very much out of tune. It's a worthy effort though, don't give this up!
It is a good effort, but marred by having some flat notes and a very muddy overall sound.
I thought "oh no, not another Puffy wannabe". So I tried to forget I've heard this before. And it actually was good. Until the two lead guitars which ruined the whole song. In fact the lead sounds shit throughout the entire song. But the rest is pretty ok
Rhythm guitars are decent... But lead guitars totaly butcher this remix, especially that (whammy pedal? ) thing that starts at somewhere around 2.37
Richie Sambora? Despite acceptable guitar play, I doubt it. ;) Puffy did this 10 years ago, and better. So I'm not exactly jumping out of my chair. The mixing is awful, and that kills this remix.

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