Slaygon - Absence of Faith (Semper Dubito)

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20th anniversary for this song.

I wrote a loooong thing about having a lack of faith in stuff, and then I accidentally pressed back in the browser and ... voila... all was gone. Half an hours worth of pondering each word's meaning and weight. Gone.

Where does that leave me? Why of course; A lack of faith in technology! It should have understood I didn't mean to do that! Stupid machine!

In any case, the feeling I had writing this song in the first place is still lingering - I still have no faith. In a lot of things; Politics, relationships, friendships... myself...

Apart from one thing these 20 years has tought me; There are a few things that do last, namely friendships. Thank you for proving me wrong! You know who you are! Love you!

As for the song itself, I know I should have put more effort on the track.I guess, in its current state, it reflects my level of faith, mostly in myself;
* It was a long time ago I could call myself a guitar player, but I did make an effort to make them sound decent. Took me a long time to practice just for this, and I have already forgotten all of it.
* I'm lazy. You can even hear a doorbell ringing during recording of the acustic bits.
* I'm no bass player. It could have been more varied, and I would have made it so had I known how to.

Tried to maintain the despair and hopelessness I felt while writing the original in this, yet with a touch of hope.

All in all - This is a tribute to my 20 year absence of faith.

Semper Dubito

Rock on! Great production, great guitars, great drums.
Beautiful arrangement! The instruments are perfectly balanced :)
Awesome. Love the part that comes in around the middle of it!
I just love it! And I have to agree with Mordi, the part in the middle... Fantastic!
You did it again! More comments in Swedish, as usual.
Sounds a bit like Era!
All round excellent effort. It flows well and really does have room to breathe.
Brings depression to me... Maybe it's because of the info that you wrote. I don't now, perhaps it's greatly arranged, but I have feel I won't listen to this tune for quite some time. Sorry.
Perhaps your best work to date, sir.
It always takes a while but then you strike back... I luv it!:)
Don't know the original SID! Not my style either! But the story behind it touches me. Poor Slaygon!;-)
I agree...
Very nice
Great stuff!
Review by NecroPolo


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

After spending some time with this odd / wonderful track, it is clearly my #1 this year, so far. I will not analyse sound, arrangement, all typical factors - they are okay anyway and this time I really don't feel any need for pointing out my subjective opinion (in objective wrapping) of what is good and wrong with something great.

/// ...Of course guitar playing blah and midpart blah, bassline blahblah. ///

Considering faith...

It is only a matter of choice.

Just have faith in music. Fuel for your life, cure for your pain. The best lover, the best friend, the best political party, the best religion.

The best yourself.

You must see that if you look back.