Batman - The Caped Crusader (remix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Teo Veteran
Composed by:
Fred Gray
All-Time charts position:
If you were to cut the song in two and repeat the second 1m15s two or three times this would be excellent!
Hi Teo! Great remix, good sounds.
Good remix, but as mentioned before, making it longer would have made it even better..
Yup. Great production, nice effects but a bit short...
The second half is pretty good, that should be extended. The first half would be good for a long intro.
What Skitz said, only oposite.
Great remix but needs to be longer!
Like it really!
I'll wait for the extended version, but it sounds like you ran out of ideas for a longer remix?
Oh yes. Nice glow in the beginning, the theme itself kicks in.. Doesn't need to be any longer. It is excellent as it is.
Nice start, but the staccato omph-omph starting in the middle is just nerving.
Short and sweet! I really felt batman jumped into the batmobile at the transition.
Yes it is niceat the begining has its climate and another half has one good one
As a Batfan I must redface this nice remix.:)
Long time ago it was one of my favourite, I never know you remixed this :)))
Very nice, but too short. Left me wanting for more.=)

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