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Teo - Cauldron II (The Analog Witch edit)

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Teo Veteran
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Made as a rushjob for Arok party's remix compo. (practically 1 afternoon) 
I know it could have been made better, but due lack of time ended up like this.
I wanted to keep the spooky mood from the sid, hopefully succeeded with that.
Nice dance track fodder; however it presses my "Pet peeve" button in not following the right chords, and it's a little sparse here and there.
Though a bit dissonant with the changed chords, the idea is really brilliant, and the result a hard dance track that marches along nicely. The dry sound in the break at 2:22 is too in your face, imo. A very very small and low reverb would lighten it up.
Not enough punch in the dance track makes it very mediocre for me, especially as the SID could be used in all sorts of ways
Meh, starts out promising but ends up a little meh! GET THE NOTES RIGHT!
It sounds promising, but is it me or does it not actually sound evil enough to be a Cauldron mix?
Like Mr. Skiiitz said...
I can clearly remember saying 'holy fuck...! ' at the wonderfully evil midpart while we were listening to this tune with Hermit at Arok 2009 compo :) This tune had the best sound through the PA and became the straight winner. Took my #1 vote, too!
Im a fan of dischord so the off notes sound good as does its distortion, and for a few hours work its great, maybe release a V2 after more time spent on it?
Great idea, dissonance done right, great arrangement - but it's just not evil enough. I would like to hear a more fleshed out version, too.
I'm totally with LaLa on this one. It's dark-ish alright, but more I expected something like a menacing feeling in the undertones of the track. Something lurking behind the beats... Remembers me of Eric Brosius tracks in System Shock 2 - he's managed that
Don't get me work, it has it moments, but as the whole tune it doesn't work well.
A little bit boring on the start, but later is very cool!!, need more kraft but I liked it!!!:)))

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