Teo - Commando (Ikari Remix)

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Teo Veteran
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Wow. Completely unexpected. Very interesting idea. Unfortunately, the idea doesn't expand. Some extra bits and bobs here and there to spice the arrangement up as it progresses had been nice, as it is now it's repetitive. And what's with the abrupt ending?
Commando visits Monkey Island!
No, I didn't like it at all. Sorry
Oh my ears!
It's intriguing as background music -- I could see it playing as background music (at about 50% volume) for some jungle scene in a game. It's not something I'd cue up when trying to wine and dine a girl, though.
For some reason I wanna put on a Gotan Project CD now. Strange stuff but kinda funny remix.
Hmm, not sure where to put it. If it tries to be a French chanson, it fails terribly. Uninspiring instrumentation doesn't help. Intriguing idea, but lacking on execution.
Is that it??? Feels like some voices are missing!
Ouh. Sorry Teo, but it sounds like you had a bad day when producing this. More "Kikstart" and "Target Renegade" style please!:)
Hmm.. Grandpa commando in a rocking-chair, having memories of Good Old Times... (that comes to my mind)
Commando in church and the organs, innovative but the effect of this is very poor
Teo, you're loosing your street rep like this (-;
Interesting approach
The idea might have been good but the execution is atrocious. It's apparently not even finished!
Nice idea. Needs something more, not sure what..
Huh, reminded me to Forbidden Forest... Needs better production, idea is here!
Like others said, would do nicely as background music in a SCUMMVM game, but on its own, no.
Interesting, but FAR from Teo's best work

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