Teo - Monty on the Run (Monty on Acid mix)

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Teo Veteran
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Made for Arok Party 2012's SID remix compo, rush job like most of my tracks, wanted to add a little more, but as usual time was against me.

Thanks for all the organizers for the great party, and kudos to Necropolo, his winner tune was awesome and his prize giving speech was touching!

Infected Mushroom versus C64 :) Very promising start (interesting, energetic), second half a little monotonic.
Love the bass, if you'd put more monty in there you would've gotten a full score
YEEEAH!!! I loved the way this powerful Monty remix blasted through the PA on the compo. Raw energy all the way. Also, I was really happy to meet you on the event, man! Kudos are mutual :)
Great acid track, the bass is definitely its highlight, but I really like the arrangement, too.
Me likes it
Great remix!
Hihi, you're funny
I like it, especially the bass line and the acid parts. Very energetic! Waiting for more like this!!!
Nice idea, well worked and pretty fun to listen too, Really like the distortion and the way its been set out as a commercial tune rather than a straight copy of the tune.. Its 2012 people not 2001 the day's of 1:1 should be over by now..
Nice professional sound but aimless arrangement!
I'm sure there is a hard work beside this and don't want to criticise too much, but in final I only hear boom boom...

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