timmya4000 - Last Ninja 2- The Mansion (Alternative Rock Cover)

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Arranged by:
timmya4000 Remixer
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Original composed by:
Matt Gray
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i know this is similar to my previous attempt. i wanted to do it again with real drums and add layered e-bow to the parts that sounded too empty. i also wanted a version where the drums continued to the end. the guitar parts are worked out properly this time also. the feel and sound of the song may be similar but the improvements made it worth doing again. i also plan on doing the rest of the last ninja 2 tracks and i want them to tie together nicely so one track done with a drum machine while the rest have real drums would not be right. i am by no means finished with this mix. i have uploaded it way too soon like an idiot. the bass is the driving force behind the song and it's turned down way too much. also some lead guitar and e-bow sounds from the previous version sound better but i'm competing with the jmp-1's awesome emulated outputs which i want to avoid using as you don't learn anything about recording with microphones by using them. anyway i'm going to try and get a few more tunes uploaded before revisiting this track.

Doesn't really bring anything new to the table compared to the previous effort.
Pretty decent attempt, not as good as your last one, bur I like it.
Massive effort, just like your previous version, but this one seems to be missing the impact of the previous one.

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