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Traxer - Shadow of the Beast (hymn intro mix)

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Traxer Remixer
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This is my first try whith the speechsynth "Vocaloid" and "Slayer II" E-guitar synth.

I needed to alternate the melody a little in cause of the fast notes the voice would not fit.

I will do a new mixdown when i get new headphones. The one i use now seems to have
big problems with some frequencies.
That vocal line could cut diamond: another remix where the unbalanced overall sound makes it very difficult to see through to the ideas inside, at least for me.
Reasonably nice idea let down by the poor mixing, it sounds really unbalanced in parts and doesn't do enough justice for the original. Real shame because I'm sure with some work it would sound rather nice. And drop the vocals!
What the hell is with the vocals? Shame this really doesnt capture the feel of the original
So much promise... Let down by lack of final mastering...
Unfortunately, poor mixing / mastering spoils all the listening fun.
Good idea but poor mixing... And I suffer from tinnitus now.;)
Really enjoyed this, it has a raw sound to it which im sure traxer in time will work on and overcome. Keep it up your going in the right direction :)
Really enjoyed / Go on!
Quite pleased, even with some glitches in mixing... Hope the new headphones arrive soon ;-)
Pretty nice idea I think. But I miss the "orgasm" in this track. Use less voice and try to get an absolutely "highlight" into this track. And keep on, seems to be a good way for you!
Sorry! Bad mixing! Sounds like a 'fast release' without much love for any details!
The first vocal part promises a lot, but then nothing of that follows. Lacks drive.
I like this - but agree it does drop in and out - the opening is great - then a little flat - then great from 3mins on - its a great first attempt.
I keep listening to this again and again. Fantastic tune.
Eugh! Those vocals really rub me against the grain.
The idea behind this is outstanding! Mixing less so, but I would be lying to myself if I gave this any less than an outstanding vote. I love it!
Very original, excellent sounds

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