Swing ReRemixed

Track info
Arranged by:
Vincenzo Veteran
Composed by:
Volker Meitz (PRI)
All-Time charts position:
Swing Re-Remixed, better instruments/arrangement, but the same notes/melodies as in the original Swing remix.
Mixing is bad, i had E-mu PM5 pairs only without subwoofer, so the bass is too loud here, sorry for that. Maybe i will re-mix this again, PRI deserves a better remix
Faithfully produced foot-tapper. :D Excellent work on the drum breaks.
My parents would love to swing to this - and yes lman - the drum breaks are stunning - I think the production is wonderfull. So different - wont be everyones cup of tea but im pleased to listen to it time and time again
Better than the first attempt, but I'm not a fan of percussions in wide panorama...
Swing is not my thing, but the foot was tapping.
Not a fan of this music, however, this one puts a smile on my face while tapping :)
Heh theres alot of this stuff popping up lately, and its a good thing that theres plenty of people out there trying out new idea's and changing things around.. Good stuff vincenzo
Styleeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! No more words here!
Boring and flat arr, don't give me anything and basses crashed my stereo
Reminds me of Dora The Explorer - I'm the map, I'm the map... Swings!
One word: UNDERRATED!!!
Well done! Unfortunately too short.

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