vurtX - Jack The Nipper (Nippy Little Bugger)

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Jack The Nipper (Nippy Little Bugger)
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Hi all, I think this is one of Ben Daglish's best ever SiDs and it's almost criminal that there are no remixes of this funky little number, so I've had a go and making it was lots of fun too - I could always hear 3 Blind Mice in the SiD so I'm not sure if Ben was inspired a little from that or its just me hearing things.

If there are any audiophiles who want this in ultra high quality, you can get it in lossless FLAC 24bit 96khz quality (it's a big bugger at 131 MB) from here >>

- vurtX
Started off cute, turned into more of a chaotic hammering without that much connection between the drums and the rest of the sounds. Decent enough, though.
Nice idea for a cover of Nipper and has a hell of a pace. Perhaps a tad murky in the mix but overall a good effort.
This is one of the quirkiest remixes I ve heard and so it should be plenty of instrumental variety just like the sid and the bpm is insane
I like this one and it's a good idea for this remake. I prefer the drumline... Cool!
Let´s push this one a bit. Am still groovin, haha!
Great song!
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It's not in that my head broke off while listening to this one. It's not in that it's one of my fav SIDs ever. It's not that this is a totally fitting crazy, bogged-minded jamming, chaotic rendition.

Maybe it will be too wild to swallow for some but hey - this remix ooooooozes FUN and having that throughout the creation. That's the thing that moves us from point A to point B, right? Now this goes to point M and also some points in between and after.

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