XxDUSTYxX - Metalzoids [Zoids for 6 strings and doublebass]

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Metalzoids [Zoids for 6 strings and doublebass]
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MetalZoids 2008 (Zoids for 6 Strings and Doublebass)

The procedure for this Remix was nearly the same as in my Echoing 2k8 GUITAR REMIX, apart from adjusting my metronome to relaxing 120bpm for this time.

I chose a snare with more punch and the bassdrums are triggered now, so they won't drown in the bassguit and the rhythmguitars.

Enjoy the guitars and some mid-tempo doublebass action!😉



Zoids music (YouTube)

Metalzoids [Zoids for 6 strings and doublebass]
Great!!! Gets out of balance sometimes but still outstanding. Great guitars....
"Would you care for some Metal, sir? We got an exquisite tune in our cellars. " "Why, yes! I would be delighted!"
Slightly overrated, but still good.
Guitars are excellent, and not a bad arrangement, but please shoot the drummer.
It's OK but I don't like the distortion effect on the fuzzy left guitar, and the band has to practice a bit for tightness.
A little bit less distortion on that guitar, please. The exactly same "beats" for the guitar and the drums from 00:57 (-04:02) are erh... Lame. I like it anyway.
Agrees with the distorsion brings the mix down. Normally not my favourite stuff anyway...:-/
Very nice version of this song
Spectacular Power! Keep on rocking!!
A fat track! Only thing to crit here is that this track is not made by me :D Keep it up!!
Fat distorted guitars (good), thin drums (needs bad-ass ones), great arrangement.
This is probably the best way of serving the Zoids tune! I wish I could give a higher mark for originallity, but unfortunately it lacks some mixing. And the last part is pretty weak. Sounds like you didn't dare to go all the way. Where's the growling?
Stronger Drums and Guitar please it would make much stronger and heavier track.
Brava, pervetto ;)
I woke up this morning, put on the original zoids, and thought "it needs to be harder" and googled and found this. YOU WIN!!!
At moments I hate that guitar as much as I love it. Very close to very good. Nah, screw it, very good.
If you do Metal, then it should be HEAVY! This one sounds quite thin.
Good quitar work but would definitely need better drums.18.12.2014
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Stellar track! Well produced and really nice change ups with the rhythms.