XxDUSTYxX - The Last Ninja2 - Level1 [2008RMX]

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The Last Ninja2 - Level1 [2008RMX]
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XxDUSTYxX Veteran
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The Last Ninja2 - Level1 (2008RMX)

Synthesizer meets kickin' Drums.

After the mastering my Remix got a bit muddy, but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless!😉



The Last Ninja2 - Level1 [2008RMX]
Started off a bit above average-sounding with a nice feel to it, but then all the unnecessary effects, bad instruments and the very off-sounding part around 3:20 was spoiling a lot for me. All in all too muddy. If it wasn't LN it would be average.
The thing that lifts this tune is the cool metal drums, good sound :) Otherwise it feels a little too much "synthesizer on acid" with all the strange effects and sometimes notes off-key...
Guter synthesizer Sound zumal abwechslungsreich
A GOOD ATTEMPT AND nice instrumental understandings, perhaps chording up some of the melodies wasn't a good idea, And the tempo was spot on but for the changes you made to the origonal you could have altered that. Like me you are learning though...
Great rhythm groove, uninspiring instrumentation, the arrangement is a bit thin, too much reverb on the lead. Not bad at all.
Welcome back Dusty :-) I like the arrangement, cool baseline and nice ideas!! But the different instruments used for the leads are just too weak/hollow, ruining up the impact of this otherwise powerful tune.
A bit dull!
Starts off promising enough but just sounds too weak on the whole - the mixing is muddy, there's some wrong notes in there (cardinal sin) and it's very flat. Needs a fair bit more work in the mastering department.
You got to be kidding me. I thought this sucked at the beginning, but then it turns out to be something completely different! Best Last Ninja 2 remake since the Dead Guys! I like the drums very much. People should learn from the composer.
The percussions work against the tune... The spirit of the tune completly lost....

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