DMC - Noisy Pillars (2005 Studio Mix)

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I quite like this. The mixing is a bit off, and it could use some more variation. That does however not stop it from making me like it a great deal. It's got a good atmosphear.
Add a few points for choice of tune but sounds nice, as said, perhaps a little to reptitive
Well produced, but I just think something's lacking here. Whether it's the over-reliance on SID arpeggios, or the fact it sounds a bit too repertitive, and remix-by-numbers, I'm not sure. But there just isn't enough here.
There's some good stuff going on here but there's deffinitely something missing - most likely the tinny lead needs a bit more beefing up
Nothing special but still ok.
Quite nice.. But I agree with Was on this one, something is missing and it tends to be somewhat repetetive. But enjoyable nontheless!!
Its a pleasing enough tune, never much liked the original so the very good mark is a testiment to how much this made my ears wiggle with aural joy.
Great sound!!! Brillant
Nice beat... Lacks on variation, good effort indeed.
Nice dancy techno ;-) The mid-range is too loud.
Nice version... But the original still has the 'special something' in it which wasn't pulled over into this version here! Sounds a bit too flat-style for me! Well...
Above average if only because of the choice of SID
Pretty nice synth pop. Good incorporation of SID arpeggios!
Sounds a bit tracker-ish but not in a bad way.
A little thin and repetitive, but I still like it somehow. Nice small piece of music!
Outstanding track!
This is one of the greatest c64 music ever! I never get tired o flistening it :)

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