DMC - Kinetix (Butt Slap Mix)

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Kinetix (Butt Slap Mix)
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The original SID-Tune of Jeroen Tel's Kinetix is about 12 minutes long and has that looooooong, repetetiv intro sound.
This intro sound was perfect as the base of this Kinetix remix.

When first listening to the original SID, I heard the world famous Amen break in my head playing along with that intro sound.
I decided to create an uptempo 'umphish' remix out of the original SID and I think the genre/style works well with this remix. 

This remix scored 189 points and finally ranked #12 at Árok&SlayRadio online remix competition 2020.
Thanks everyone for voting!


Greetings, peace and love to the whole SlayRadio/Árok family...

Thanks for listening.

I can hear "The Prodigy" in this remix! Awesome!
That's seriously cool.
It's really well done but this style will divide people. It's for certain ears. Those who will like this style of music will be enthused - Those that don't less so. I struggle with type of music but I respect how well it's done and it is done really well
One of my personal favorites @the compo! That metallic bass-sweep alone gave me the chills!
It is pretty good as is, but I think if you went further into Prodigy and Chemical Brothers territory with the style, this would've been something else.
SMASH IT! I love brewtal trax.
Request: Make a remix of the Speedball 2 title track from the Amiga with this soundset!
JB's version of this has been one of my fave remixes ever, this is definitely up there with it. Great production and remixing.
Umm... No.

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