AmiGamer - Desert Dream - Part One - Sunset Dunes Mix

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The demo "Desert Dream" was... uh, weird, to say the least. Although technically well-done and starting off rather normal, it's getting real strange after a few minutes (the Gizeh pyramids getting bombarded by aliens with water melons etc *lol*).
But one thing that was really outstanding about it was the soundtrack. While the 2nd part of it was more techno-styled, the first part (of which I created this remix) has always been one of my favourite Amiga Music themes. I love the soft, atmospheric sound of it, as well as the melody itself which, albeit simple, refuses to leave the listener's head for days once he has heard it.
So I decided to give it a try and create this remix out of it.
I used a new method here. In my earlier remixes, I used my Korg X3 Workstation's built-in 16-tracks-sequencer to first fully create the music and then save it to my computer. The only things I added in the computer were things I could not create on my X3 (like spoken words, built-in sequences of other composers' works etc).
Now, in this remix, I used so many instruments that the 16 tracks of the X3 were full before the remix was done. So I created the first 16 tracks on my X3, saved them to my computer, then created the next 16 tracks on the X3, saved them to my computer etc...
In the end, I combined the 16-track-fragments on my computer to create the final piece, and voila... Desert Dreams.😉
As a result, this remix has a sound that is very "rich" and "full"... don't know how to describe it any better, but you'll have to listen for yourself and judge on your own anyway😉
Thanks for listening, I hope you like it.
Song was arranged, recorded and played on a Korg X3 workstation.
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Hi, just an additional note to tell a big THANK YOU to all the people who gave me such good votings, it feels great to know people enjoy my work.
In response to two comments:
cythrawl, thanks for the explanation... finally, tens of years after i first saw the demo, i learn the meaning of the melon thingy😉
rafael, in the very 1st version of this song i had the phaser effect limited to the intro but when it stopped the rest of the song felt a bit too "empty" so i made it last... just a matter of taste, i guess
Again, thanks everybody for the good votings, you folks make all the work i put into my songs pay!😉
Outstanding ambient version!
Simply outstanding indeed.
Wow! A fantastic voyage throught time & space...
I like the background arrangement, but the panflute theme isn't exactly like the original; a bit too "panflute 80's hits"... But very nice build-up!
Well done!! Really!
Its a good version of it. Different then the Feekzoid version (which was more like the original IMO). This is like a new age Remix version. The Melons' being launched at the pyramids was a dig at the group Melon trying to best Kefrens (the Pyramids)
Hmm. Generally nice work, the sounds well chosen - but my God, why does this phaser sound continue for so long..? It spoils it a little for me to be honest.
Good work
Just outstanding performance, rich sound. GREAT!!!
Is that you in disguise Glynn? With the Triton? Surely is? If it's not then you will have a good career AmiGamer ;)
Absolutely beautiful! Respect...
Seriously.. This isn't all that fantastic.. Sure it has the spirit of the original while doing some new stuff.. But the mixing is really bad imho. Drums aren't really audible and the lead instruments are way to high.. Other then that.. Great effort.
It's a wonderful tune and sound keep on the good working :-)
Very nice remix! Thumbs up!
This is so beautiful! Amazing remix of one of the most memorable Amiga melodies..
Very very good track, just perfect for relaxsation time
Very athmospheric sound, really nice
This Obelisk carries AmigaRemix.
Very nice!!!
Absolutly wonderfull! Stands in my personal Top 10. Thanks for that awesome masterpiece!!!:-)
Korg X3 used! Wow! My first synthesizer / workstation I had in the 90s! Too much for the 32chn polyphony and 16track sequencer though :) But sounds full and rich this way, agreed! Very well done and lotsa work to do it this way I can imagine. Rock on!:))
Probably the best track of 2006.

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