Auf Wiedersehen Monty (we need more bass...)

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Arranged by:
Amok Veteran
Composed by:
Rob Hubbard & Ben Daglish
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Starts off realy promising, but then ends up in mindless, uninspired unz. There needs to be a twist on this to make it interesting.
It seems that everybody and his dog just does Unz nowadays; for this reason I'm giving it "good" as I've had to lower the bar. If I had more choice it would be down to average because it's pretty formulaic.
Its got nice production and sounds, but this dance style has been battered to death & its no different from the million other mixes, zero for originality.
More bass is not always better, but overall this is still ok :)
QUALITY! Now I'll reall piss my neighbour off
The beginning was promising, then any connection to the original SID was lost until a melodic part later on. As it stands, it's just not interesting. However, the overall production values are high enough for me to give a neutral vote.
I hear two distinct pieces in here and they're rather disjoint. Mixing is okay, instrument choices could've been better. Not very exciting.
This sounds like 2 tunes in 1. The trancy part between 0:35 to 1:45 should just be seperated. Make another tune out of it and earn a wing...
Not too bad to be a AWM remake.
Iy is very good one, maybe a little to repetitive but it has something in it
I hate lead sound, poor remix.
Very nice work

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