Dulcedo Cogitationis (Nightmare-Mix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Amok Veteran
Composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck
All-Time charts position:

I wanted to make it more powerful, especially the drums. The problem is, i dont have good drum samples or VSTi´s...


If you know where i can get some really good drums, please let me know...



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Nice work, needs more depth to it here and there, and its a tad repetitive, but the instruments and mixing counter balance those things in a way. Improving.
This tune is somehow THE C64 tune for me. And I think the remake does it well. A few weak parts, and missing some transitions between the different parts. But all in all an ok tune.
I guess that's what the original was supposed to sound like. Very nice and straightfoward remix!
You're gettin there Amok :)
Really good remix, but I don't really love the original and the remix didn't made it much better.
I find it weak in every department. The arrangement is pretty straightforward, but not powerful enough, the instruments are mostly thin and just don't seem to carry the spirit or the force of the original.
Close to grey, but it's OK.
This is a very nice remix!
A good remake! Perhaps a little too straightforward for my taste. The second half is very nice, actually so good it almost makes this an orange.
FAT!! This one is great... Could hear it over and over... (maybe because I love the worx of C. H. So much;)
It is so nicew so I can't stop listen to it until it ends natuarly. Great work
Needs much much more power, but idea is there.

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