Katakis-Title (80s-Disco-Mix)

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Arranged by:
Amok Veteran
Composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck
All-Time charts position:

This is a remake of my very first Remix in February 2008 (http://remix.kwed.org/?search_id=3673). I tried to make it in 80s style...



Thanks to all for the overwhelming feedback... I never expected that...

Bouncy, enjoyable, promising...
The drums are too repetitive, but all in all it's OK!
Hm, the sound is quite good but I am missing something. I was hoping for more power when I read "80s-Disco-Mix".
I really do enjoy this cut. The atmosphere of the track is just amazing. Absolutely enjoyable, great done!
Bouncy, but a little too much so. Nice arrangement, the mix is a bit off balance (too much high end), the drums are a bit boring.
Very good par with the 80's. Retro drums need more oomph, the whole mix needs more atmosphere, but its a nice change.
Gut gemacht und abwechslungsreich. Laßt sich gut anhören
Love the sound of this. Very athmospheric, brings back some 80s feelings too. Robot voices would be great.
This one bounces along quite nicely and takes me back to Da 80's :)
I love the sid and love the remix! Amok mehr davon!!:)
One very enjoyable piece :)
Finally someone did his one :-)
Nice work - only one thing missing a cheesy 80's voice from a long gone singer - nice work
Does what it says on the cover. Best Katakis remix so far (May 2008) if I remember the others correctly. Very disco, very Hülsbeck. And very good.
First noticed the drums that sounds like sequenced in a screamtracker clone. But that is the 80's fer sure ;) At least you've caught the spirit of Chris as it really reminds me of his style.
I missed the 80's by four months. :[ But I love this one. (Although the kick could be a tad more kicky, IMO)
Time fly with this track
A lot better than the other Amok remix of Katakis!
Better version indeed!

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