Last Ninja - The Wastelands

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Arranged by:
Amok Veteran
Composed by:
Ben Daglish & Anthony Lees
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Some cool instruments, and a sound remake. Keep them coming.!;)
Would have got a much higher make even it didn't cop out on the lead's high notes.
"Some cool instruments" also mean that some are not in my opinion. But I agree: sound track (pun intended), even for some of the ambitious LN remixes out there. Although you CAN hear the tracker working its cogs in the tune ;) Not bad at all!
I like that poppy snare *pinch* :OP... And everything else too. ;O)
I like the "drive" in the song that you manage to get with the bass & drums. Some great instrumental choices.
Nice remake! Sounds a bit like an old S3M-Module, but it's pretty cool!
Very nice & clear sounding! Good decision to finish this (no matter how many remixes there are). A "Last Ninja" with your personal style.
Good stuff!!! Not the best wastelands remix I've heard, but far from the worst!;-)
It's ok, I guess.. It doesn't blow me away, which I expect a new LN remix to do today. You have some interesting ideas though.
Very enjoyable, nice arrangement, clean and polished. Well done!
A nice job all round Amok.
Fine piece of remake. Though nothing new, and a bit too synth'ish. Some parts isn't optimal though, and the "rythm flute" is cool in the beginning, but gets a bit dull after a while.
I like this one, and damn, I love the sid file...
Where is pathetic from original version? You've done stupid, happy remix.
Enjoyable version. Not the best, but it's rather on the good side.

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